Maintenance contract

für WA-4000 Wasser- und Ölsauger


From fiscal year 2015, we offer our clients a personal service contract.

The maintenance contract generally includes the following tasks:

1. Check for water and air-side leaks, if necessary re-seal

2. Reviewing the overall contamination of the unit and clean if necessary

3. Visual inspection and measurement of absorbency, if necessary, clean the suction unit

4. Ingen purely visual inspection and measurement of the pumping behavior, possibly Central accelerator (ZEBE)

5. Clean visual inspection of all filter if necessary and replace where necessary

6. Inspection of the device and the negative pressure water column

7. Safety testing of all electrical components and functions

8. Visual inspection of all housings and couplings

9. Functional testing of valve float

10. Cost estimate for the necessary spare parts and repairs that are not included in the scope of maintenance

Please contact us if you are interested in such a service contract. We will send you a customized offer, which supports the bill and need your machinery.